Giving an interview is a lot like giving an exam—the more you know the better you do; so prepare

Know about the company you are applying for. Find out what it does, how long it has been doing it & what kind of people it employs. Find out about the job, and work through how THE JOB that you are applying for fits your overall career goals.

Prepare a relevant CV. Don’t push a software engineer CV for a technical support role Think through gaps in your education\work experience & job changes & have acceptable answers ready. If, for example, you left a job because of bad pay the HR can well ask why you joined it in the first place. If your answer doesn’t convince you it won’t convince the recruiter.

Know your subject. If you are applying for technical support read up on computer hardware. For e-commerce positions know something about the domain. While we do brief you before the interview it helps if you have a reasonable foundation to build on.M

Dress conservatively, come on time & be patient. Interviews take time. Being pushy will only get you rejected.